The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 46

Show Notes:

  • Testing out mic technique on this show

  • Broke my podcast recording record (previous high was 14 in 2015, now we currently have 18 [not including this one!])

  • Ranch, season 5 is out (interesting how they’ll write out Rooster’s character from the show)

  • Aggretsuko is a funny little anime

  • Garry Shandling documentary was heartwarming and introspective

  • Sports Chunk (World Cup Edition)

    • Colombia is back in the running!

    • Japan-Senegal tie gives Colombia a chance for a grand comeback!

    • Uruguay is dominating and put Russia in their place

    • Mexico is maintaining their lead with South Korea win

    • Nigeria is surprising everyone with 2nd place ranking

    • Argentina is running risk of elimination with loss to Croatia

    • Germany is still alive thanks to last minute winning goal

    • England-Panama game was a bloodbath

    • Belgium is playing beautiful

    • Upcoming Belgium-England match will deciding their ranking

    • France is maintaining lead in their group

    • Brazil is tied for first but concerns of their dominance are looming