The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 33

(Originally posted on 04/09/2018)

Show Notes:

  • Never sitting in a subway car again
  • I will most likely get back to recording on Audacity
    • Too many upload workarounds
    • Will still try to make my own theme music with GarageBand
  • Listening to the Bitterest Pill by Dan Klass, Geologic podcast by George Hrab, and Hardcore History by George Carlin, getting some pointers
  • Need to carry notebook to jot down ideas.
  • Starting to feel my age around others (social networks, company events thing, music, etc)
  • Actually it's me (don't like the superficiality of the world: fashion, daytime talk shows,
  • Cutting down on streaming services (only watching Amazon and Crunchyroll now)
  • Had the most amazing combination of vegan dishes!

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 30

(Originally posted on 03/28/2018)

Show Notes:

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 15

Show Notes:

  • Primaries in New York City.

  • Recap time: Now live in NJ

  • Commute is better but still want to live in NYC

  • The reason I don’t bother with plans or making friends anymore

  • They always let me down.

    • Today I was supposed to hang out with someone and check out some comic book stores. That never happened.

    • This girl at work who offered to show me some games said the offer still stood but when I asked for possible dates that would work for her she has yet to reply back.

  • I either have too much low self-esteem or just lack self-importance to bother with SnapChat.

  • I only use it as a lurker of other accounts, similar with Twitter.

  • Also done with dating apps.

  • Enjoyed Circue du Soleil: Paramour

  • Things to improve myself:

    • Going to continue this podcast

    • Might finally take some Lynda courses to learn Mac programs like Garageband and Logic Pro

    • Thinking of cutting down my online streaming accounts.

    • Want to make a concerted effort to eat vegan and get fit but we shall see.