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The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 33

(Originally posted on 04/09/2018)

Show Notes:

  • Never sitting in a subway car again
  • I will most likely get back to recording on Audacity
    • Too many upload workarounds
    • Will still try to make my own theme music with GarageBand
  • Listening to the Bitterest Pill by Dan Klass, Geologic podcast by George Hrab, and Hardcore History by George Carlin, getting some pointers
  • Need to carry notebook to jot down ideas.
  • Starting to feel my age around others (social networks, company events thing, music, etc)
  • Actually it's me (don't like the superficiality of the world: fashion, daytime talk shows,
  • Cutting down on streaming services (only watching Amazon and Crunchyroll now)
  • Had the most amazing combination of vegan dishes!

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 3

Warning!!!! This episode contains spoilers!!!


Show Notes:

  • Daredevil:

    • Saw first 6 episodes

    • Well-casted

    • A lot grittier than any superhero show that I’ve seen.

    • More down to earth and realistic

    • Think he needs to be savvier though he did learn in subsequent episodes

  • Flash:

    • Still think this is the best superhero show on TV

    • Right mix of camp and drama

    • Well-casted

    • Like the callbacks and cameos that have been done

    • Love the explanation for Dr. Wells

    • Looking forward to the season finale

  • Orphan Black kicks major ass

    • Saw first 2 seasons and can't wait for the next one

  • Lost girl is coming back

  • Listening to This American Life again


The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 1


Show Notes:

  • Alot has happened over the years
  • Last episode was around October 2011 (ep 69)
  • No longer married
  • New Apple products
  • HBO Now
  • More TV shows:
    • GW
    • Blacklist
    • Flash
    • Orphan Black
  • Manga
  • Anime
  • Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime
  • Living in Mount Vernon now, exiled again
  • Website, hosting, etc (Libsyn, SquareSpace, Blogger)
  • Possibly done with WordPress