The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 54

Show Notes:

  • Have my NatGeo results:
    • 40% North America and Andes
    • 23%, Southwestern Europe
    • 11% Italy and Southern Europe
    • 9% South American and Amazon
    • 6% Jewish Diaspora
    • 5% Northwestern Europe
    • 3% Southwest Asia/Persian Gulf
  • Saw Mission Impossible II
  • Rewatched No Strings Attached
  • Wrapping up Frasier (on season 10)
  • Watching more standup comedy
  • Enjoying a new podcast: So Many Levels


The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 52

Show Notes:

  • Waxing Nostalgic
    • Author of Avedon Hill is dead
    • Most authors don’t advertise their old podcast novels
    • Geek Radio Daily (Originally GeekLabel Radio) doesn’t have one of their old cohosts (The Vicar)
    • I've been divorced for some time now
    • Keith and Chemda (of KATG) broke up got married to others and now are out of those relationships
    • Things change and are forgotten
    • Bittersweet reality
    • I Should Be Writing is still going strong
  •  Shrinking Digital Footprint



The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 51

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 49

Show Notes:

  • Sports talk:

    • Uruguay lost to France

    • Brazil lost to Belgium

    • Russia lost to Croatia in intense penalty kicks

    • England beat Sweden

    • Belgium lost to France but the officiating did favor France unfairly

    • Despite the bad officiating, Croatia overcame the odds and sent England packing

  • Back on the ole Tinder

  • I was a lot more creative during college (was in an environment that nurtured expanding your horizons)

  • Capitalism is destroying society (34th street example)

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 48

Show Notes:

  • France eliminated Argentina, 4-3

  • Uruguay beat Portugal as expected, will face France in next round

  • Russia eliminates Spain in an upset, with free kicks

  • Croatia escapes same fate with denmark

  • Brazil beats Mexico fair and square

  • Belgium wins in final extra minutes, devastating Japan fans everywhere

  • Sweden surprises Switzerland

  • Colombia loses in rigged upsetting game.

  • Quarterfinal brackets:

    • Uruguay vs. France

    • Brazil vs. Belgium

    • Russia vs. Croatia

    • Sweden vs. England

  • The Incredibles 2 was amazing.

  • Head over Heals was a blast!

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 47

Show Notes:

  • Portugal played poorly and the tie-breaker went to Spain

  • Spain gets the easier challenge against Russia while Portugal has to face the dominant Uruguay team

  • Mexico lost 0-3 with bad officiating and losing composure (auto goal) but silver lining was that South Korea upset and eliminated Germany with 2-0 win.

  • Colombia beat Senegal, took top spot and will play England in the next round

  • Poland left with a win against Japan, dropping them to the second spot

  • Brazil beat Serbia for the top spot

  • Switzerland tied with Costa Rica to maintain their second spot

  • Brackets are now set:

    • Uruguay vs. Portugal

    • France vs. Argentina

    • Brazil vs. Mexico

    • Belgium vs. Japan

    • Spain vs. Russia

    • Croatia vs. Denmark

    • Sweden vs. Switzerland

    • Colombia vs. England

  • New favorite manga “Hoshino, Me o Tsubutte”

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 46

Show Notes:

  • Testing out mic technique on this show

  • Broke my podcast recording record (previous high was 14 in 2015, now we currently have 18 [not including this one!])

  • Ranch, season 5 is out (interesting how they’ll write out Rooster’s character from the show)

  • Aggretsuko is a funny little anime

  • Garry Shandling documentary was heartwarming and introspective

  • Sports Chunk (World Cup Edition)

    • Colombia is back in the running!

    • Japan-Senegal tie gives Colombia a chance for a grand comeback!

    • Uruguay is dominating and put Russia in their place

    • Mexico is maintaining their lead with South Korea win

    • Nigeria is surprising everyone with 2nd place ranking

    • Argentina is running risk of elimination with loss to Croatia

    • Germany is still alive thanks to last minute winning goal

    • England-Panama game was a bloodbath

    • Belgium is playing beautiful

    • Upcoming Belgium-England match will deciding their ranking

    • France is maintaining lead in their group

    • Brazil is tied for first but concerns of their dominance are looming